I’m a mother, a writer, an artist…

And the wife of an alcoholic.

I eat too much.

I sleep too little.

I don’t exercise enough.

I spend too much time living the life of his drinking…

And not enough time creating the life of my dreams.

16 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have just found your website/blog. Resonates so much. Saw it as a reference in the Immortal Alcoholic which I’ve been following for a couple of years.
    I walked away in March this year. Although life dealt a nasty twist, which means I’m still involved more than I should be and the chaos continues, only different.
    How do I follow you?

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  2. I’m so scared of just that….”nasty twist.”
    Wren thank you so much for doing this blog. You are an angel for sharing your crap with us. Now we know that we aren’t in this crap alone!

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  3. Tonja Moran said:

    I just finished your book. I related to most of what you say.
    Please update me on how you’re doing? I’m a fellow wife of an alcoholic. My story is both unique and well hidden and very common in my husband’s line of work. Can you guess?


  4. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a brave step.
    My kids are grown and on their own. My alcoholic husband can retire in one more year. I’m not sure what that’ll look! He’s kept “honest” by his job. Being in EMS .. they’re randomly tested for substance. I’m lucky that he’s never failed one because he is able to not drink at work. his drinking on his days off begins at 5 p.m. and ends with him passed out . When he drinks he doesn’t think.
    He becomes someone I’d rather not be around. But just under that service is the man I love. The man who will leave me a note before his next shift. The man who will brag about his children. The man who will rub my back when I need him to. It’s like I’m married to two men. I just don’t know which one I will retire with.


  5. I would like to contact with you!! I just read one of your books and I am interested in it for Mexico.
    Is there some email adress or phone number where I can reach you??


  6. Seeking Sunshine said:

    Just read your Primer, and hence found your blog. Thanks for what you do. As expected, your book is so totally “my story” as well. Thanks for helping women see the light at the end of the tunnel. In my situation (in the process of divorce, no children), I was the higher earner during the whole marriage (@20 years) and have been paying ~all~ the bills since 2008, while he worked sporadically in a series of under-paying jobs (OK, so that may qualify as an enabling behavior on my part). But now he is threatening to take half of my savings as a result of the divorce (even though we maintained separate financial accounts during the entire marriage) because “the law would typically allow him to make that claim”. The arrogance continues. What kind of a world do we live in where it can be morally fair that I put up with all those years of emotional and verbal abuse, paid all the bills for 10 years, believed his many empty promises (when he doesn’t actually see a need to seek help for his drinking), and now I have to pay him for the “privilege” of living a peaceful, non-crazy life without him. You are so right that it doesn’t get better. It gets worse. Day by day, drip by drip, sip by sip. And the longer you stay, the less energy you have, and the less time to start over. Can’t wait to see that sunshine. From Out of Africa: I don’t want to find out one day that I’m at the end of someone else’s life.

    I hope your journey is going well. May strength and peace be with you….. With us all.


    • Thank you for this!! Sometimes women get very defensive that I say it doesn’t get better and the outlook isn’t good but that’s the cold, hard, statistical truth. Of course women can and should make their own choices and decisions: I just wanted to write something that put out there what most likely is on the other side that isn’t easily “loved” away. Your exit is painful expensive but will be 100% worth it. (Not that that makes it hurt less or be less maddening.)


  7. Glad to have found this blog


  8. THANK YOU. I searched for help and found your books at a time when I needed them most. I am saddened that bright intelligent beautiful women have their lives changed by men who are sick with alcohol. 2020 is for the brighter future we deserve.


  9. christi witherspoon said:

    Unbelievable how right on this book was .
    I have been reading about alcoholism for years and have never found anything this good.
    Even the reference to spending a Sunday afternoon alone was right on
    Thank you !
    Do you have another blog where similar women post and can share support and stories?


  10. Mary Kay Larsen said:

    Your book “The Alcoholic Husband Primer” just brought me back to sanity! I felt like you were telling my story. I can finally breathe again knowing that the problem is not me! Today I can start living again and find my happiness that is buried deep within me somewhere. Thank you can’t even begin to express my eternal gratitude.


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