Does the beer can have such a distinct sound when you crush it?

A sound that has become like an assault on my person.

There are two things I hate about dealing with his drinking.

Well, more than two really when it comes to living with an alcoholic of course.

But two things that are relatively minor in the scheme of an alcoholic marriage but are crushingly annoying and painful.

The site of beer cans on my kitchen counter in the morning.

And cleaning them up.

Of course I don’t have to clean them up.

But I hate looking at them, having my kids look at them more than I hate cleaning them up.

And there in comes that dreadful sound.

The crushing.

My environmentally conscious side won’t let me just toss them into the trash.

They take up too much room (that’s how you know you have too many beer cans in your recycle!) if I don’t crush them.


Minor in comparison I know but still…

Another assault.