When I got in my car this morning, these exact lyrics from this song were playing:

“It’s never easy to walk away…”

The rest of the song is pretty applicable for me too if you see past the literal interpretation of the words.

Today is Day One.

The biggest question of leaving your alcoholic marriage is obviously how.

How will I leave my marriage?

And what how really means is money.

Where will the money come from?

The fact is I don’t know.

My husband will not leave our house.

And I have too many kids and pets to go to anything but another house.

So that brings us back to the dreaded How?

And the answer is I don’t know How.

But for today I am not going to think about or worry about How.

For today I am going to Know that the How will work its way out.

For today I am going to live in the knowledge that this is happening, I am doing this and my new life will Be.