This blog is like a dog chained up in the backyard.

It’s out there, alone.

Wanting your attention.

You will yourself not to think about it though it still sneaks into your thoughts on a regular basis.

You want to help it, go to it. (Write for it.)

But you just seem unable to bring yourself to.

There the analogy ends because I have no idea what compels people or enables them to justify chaining a living creature up in their backyard and ignoring it but I know what compels me, allows me to “chain up” my blog and ignore it.

Ironically it is the very thing reason for the blog:

Life with an alcoholic husband.

It just does this to you.

Kill your energy.

Destroy your passion for living.

Annihilate your enthusiam for your own life.

There is a saying that goes,

“Hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer.”

The point being that the act of hating is far more destructive on the person harboring the hate than on the object of that disdain.

But in the world of alcoholic husbands, we indeed suffer the ills of the poison they drink.