I’m out of town with two of my kids, visiting some relatives. We stay in a hotel because a) it’s more comfortable; b) the relatives are old and don’t have WiFi and c) well c, it’s just easier frankly. Everyone can have their fair share of togetherness but also down time.

I couldn’t sleep at 4 am so came into the dining room/lounge area where the staff has just begun filtering in. One young woman sat down with her laptop and through her conversations I realized she came to work with her mother, who is just starting her job today.

“You poor thing, a co-worker says, “you had to come into work extra early, huh?”

The girl replied,

“No, I don’t even have to work today. But it’s better than sitting at home listening to my dad yell about me watching Netflix.”


Now maybe someone else might hear that and think nothing. Or might hear that and think the girl probably “deserves” to be “yelled at” for watching Netflix “all the time.” But I hear that and I think,

“There’s far more going on in that home than just yelling about Netflix.”

How do I know this?

How can I be so sure?

Because as her co-worker said,

“You better hope they don’t see you and need you.”


Anyone can guess how risky it is to hang out at your place of employment on your day off! Like standing next to your mother in a kitchen full of dirty dishes and proclamining you are bored.

This girl got up before 5 am and came to hang out at her job – on her day off – because getting out of bed at the crack of dawn and risking having to work on her day off was still better than being at home with her father.

I dare say, that could be my daughter one day.