It’s nearly 3 am.

I should go to bed.

Except I know the bedroom is hot. My husband refuses to turn on the air conditioner “before June 1st.”

Don’t ask me.

I turn it on anyway during the day but he turns it off when he comes home from work.

So the bedroom feels like a sauna if the weather happens not to coincide with my husband’s arbitrary mandate. Which is a tad ironic since the bedroom is FREEZING in the winter.

Anyway, I thought,

“Maybe I’ll just sleep on the couch.”

Except I’d have to go get a blanket and some pillows.

My next thought was,

“I don’t feel like it.” (Going for a blanket and pillows.)

Then I thought,

“I’ll just sleep without.”

How is it?

Why is it?

That we essentially turn on ourselves – can’t even be bothered to get ourselves a blanket and pillow for sleeping for example – in response to their behavior?