Well, here it is Monday morning.

The weekend is over and like a drunk after a three-day bender, I made a lot of “promises” over the last few days and now it’s time to make good on them.

Or at least start.

As I said, I have NO! IDEA! how I am going to buy my own house but I know it’s the first thing in a long time that has made sense to me and excited me. So, rather than worry about the pesky how, I am just going to start planting seeds while maintaing complete faith in Mother Nature’s (aka God; aka The Universe; aka Life’s Energy; aka all beyond me) ability (and willingness) to provide all the necessary sunshine, rain and nutrients to create the garden of my dreams.

Gardening really is the perfect metaphor for the act of pursuing your dreams. The gardener or farmer doesn’t plant her seeds and then spend the days trying to figure out how to make them sprout roots, burst through the soil and start producing flowers and fruit. Nope, she plants them, maybe gives them a little sprinkling of water and then leaves the seeds and the wonders of nature to take care of the rest. The How part.

I don’t need to Know How.

I just need to Do.


And so my “how” is simple: do something EVERYDAY toward the fulfilment of this dream! Plant that seed and let life take care of the rest!

Today’s how?

I emailed a radio personality who has a show on alcoholism and asked if she would like copies of my books and be interested in me discussing them on her show!!