I don’t know how to put it any clearer:

I am losing my mind.

I live in a house of six people where no one (NO! ONE!) does ANYTHING to keep the house reasonably orderly. And when I say “reasonably,” believe me the bar is low.

I understand part of the responsibilty for my children doing nothing lies with me. I let them do nothing. I let them get away with rarely picking up after themselves but here’s the thing:

It becomes one more battle.

One more argument.

One more thing that I am responsible for ironically.

So I just do it all.

I do it all because I don’t want to nag and argue with children or a husband.

I do it all because even if I ask for help tonight, it never translate into help tomorrow or the net day.

I do it all because even when I do ask for help, I don’t always receive such.

I do it all because it’s just one more (one more!) consequence of living with a compulsive drinker.