I like Valentine’s Day.

I like Christmas.


Mother’s day.

Father’s day.


I like holidays.

And frankly I think the argument that they are just “made up” is bull shit.

Everything about life is “made up!”

We didn’t come here with houses and literature, art and iphones.

Man, is anything more made up than an iphone?

And yet no one yells, “it’s just made up” when the next generation comes out.

In my opinion, the whole “made up” argument is an effort to justify not participating in life.

In society.

I’m no anthropologist but if you ask me, we “make up” these rituals to give the whole of society some commonality. A way to connect everyone to each other. So yeah, I like all these “made up” holidays.

But I’ve come to expect little from them.

This year for Valentine’s there were flowers and candy.

Other years there has been nothing.

I’ve come to the place within myself where one isn’t that different from the other.

You can’t guard your heart against the nothing but still getting excited if there is something.

I bought my kids some candy.

I gave the obligatory candy to my husband.

I placed the flowers in a vase…

And then started the laundry.