Alcoholic household or not, we all know that as kids get older, the likelihood of everyone home on a single evening decreases in direct proportion to their aging.  You know parenting would be so much easier if things were “spaced out.” All the intensity of babies….it’s hard to realize that one day you’ll be wishing and waiting for your children’s noisy presence.

Last night that wish came true and we were all home – my husband included – in the living room watching a movie together! There was popcorn and side crafts and friendly, fun banter.

And the beer bottles?

The one (and then another and then another…and then another) in his hand…

The one halfway under the couch and his surprising shock when I pulled it out.

“How’d that get there?”

The one he knocked over.

Ignored, ignored, ignored…ignored.

His intoxicated state?


Made easier because last night was a “good” drunk.  A “fun” dunk.

And so since it was a good and a fun drunk, it was like we were a normal family.