When you have four kids, usually at least one kid is home!

Not that that is a bad thing – it all goes by way too fast, doesn’t it – but in a normal, happy and healthy marriage the constant presence of minors can get, err, shall we say cumbersome.

So when the kids start branching out and bit by bit are gone more and more without you…

Mom and dad can usually appreciate the opportunity to be alone together.

And I don’t mean necessarily or only for the obvious.

Just the chance to sit down and watch tv together uninterupted, maybe enjoy a (A!!) glass of wine can be both welcomed and necessary for a marriage.

But tonight, with all our kids out of the house, where are my husband and me?

He’s in one room in front of the television and I’m in another room in front of my computer.

I don’t even know that I want to go sit down next to him.

I’m not mad.

Per say.

I mean I’m not mad about anything in particular and yet I am mad about everything.

I used to try.

For years I would try.

I would put my resentment aside.

But I knew the day would come.

When I would choose not to put my resentment aside.

For now, I am choosing.

But I know one day it will no longer be a choice.