Oh, the evils of FaceBook.

We all have them, don’t we?

That ONE friend who seems to be doing so much better than us in life.




The object of my friend-envy is someone I haven’t seen since my wedding.

(More evils of FaceBook.  Why are we even “friends” with these people?)

Her kids are a little older then mine, with the youngest one finishing college and the older ones all grown up and working “real” jobs.

She and her husband, though not officially retired, enjoy week ends jetting off here and there.  Ironically we were together the night she met her husband. She “called” him first.

I thought, “Fine. The friend is cuter anyway.”

Do I think I would be “her” if I had “called” him first.


No, I don’t think that.

But I do look at her life and compare mine unfavorably.

That’s not good, I know.

And then tonight, it hit me.

All she did was pick a better (i.e. non-alcoholic) husband than me.