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Though I don’t know that all is bright.

Christmas 2017 is scooting itself closer and closer to the door.

If you have kids, you know that sometimes Santa really delivers and other times…

For whatever reason, it can seem as if Santa just missed the mark.

This year Santa out did him (her) self and all my kids were thrilled with the day.

We had dinner with my side of the family today –  having spent Christmas Eve with his side – and now everyone has taken to their own particular corner of the world to enjoy some time to themselves.

I don’t know that this Christmas was any different for me and my husband than the last five or six.

Perfunctory gifts between us.

I did all the preperation, gift buying and wrapping, decorating, cookie baking, etc., etc.

He drank and cursed.

By Christmas Eve I wanted him to drink enough so that he would come home, head straight to bed and I could play Santa.

The kids are happy.

They gave me many thanks for making it a “great” Christmas.

And for the most part, I held it together.

In the alcoholic household, that counts as a very, merry Christmas.