I’m feeling better than yesterday.

This is what life with the alcoholic does to us, isn’t it?

We never totally drown.

We just feel like it.


But this morning I was walking through Target (I mean that alone can perk a gal up…) when, as if the hand of God put it there herself, right in front of me was the book:

“You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life.”  By Jen Sincero

If anyone is a “badass” it’s those of us married to alcoholics!

I mean Roman gladiators didn’t get knocked down and back up as often as we do.

(And frankly some days an areana full of wild beasts would seem an easier fight.)

There are women who this life does kill them.

Maybe not physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

That’s not us.

If you’re here….

If you’re searching for information, support, help…

If you’re reading blogs or writing blogs or doing anything to counter the effects of life with a compulsive drinker…

If there are days when you get up and wrestle a tiny bit of your soul back from the Beast…

Or stay him off completely….

You’re the baddest badass there is.