My family is broken.

Broken, broken, broken.

My kids do not get along with one another.

And please, no one say “that’s siblings.”

This is deeper.

More tragic.

The direct result of living in an alcoholic war zone.

They take out on each other what they can’t hold their parents accountable for.







And this is living with a “functional” alcoholic.  (One reason I reject that theory or idea!) What is it for the children with falling down drunk, losing jobs, no money for food, abusive alcoholic father?

And the truth is, I am just as broken.

I am just as angry.

I yell too much.

I am hostile, stressed, live with resentment and cause trepidation in my children when they need to come to me with an issue.

We are a family of fractured, broken pieces.

And the only one who can possibly fix any of it is…


The alcoholic’s wife.

I am not playing the martyr.

I am not being melodramatic.

It’s really simply the truth.

The only one who can possible save, help or fix the household with an alcoholic father/husband is the (non-alcoholic) wife/mother.

And I have no idea how to do it.