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In case you have been living under a rock, travelling to the planet Zortex or just all around completely disconnected from the world at large – Angelina Jolie abruptly – and from all accounts without any warning to her husband – filed for divorce.

In other words, Brad Pitt – that hunky hunk of man, that movie star mogul, that dreamy dream boat – was dumped.

The world is abuzz (word has it even on Zortex) with “what went wrong?” Because after all, two people that are insanely beautiful, with unimaginable wealth and world-wide status couldn’t possibly have any of the mundane, pedistrian marital problems us mere mortals (and Zortexeans too perhaps) have.  Right?  I mean he’s so cute and so famous and he loves children and he says deep, meaningful artistic things about his marriage and his wife and life.  HOW could they possibly be divorcing?  HOW could she have possibly DUMPED him?

Well one theory in the running is that he is an alcoholic.

I certainly have no way of knowing if Brad Pitt is an alcoholic but I find what information there is circulating about the separation interesting:

A. Angie (yeah, she and I are on a first name/nick name basis) is reportedly to have filed for the “health” of her family and to “protect” them.

B.  It seems universally accepted that there was some “final” incident or episode that caused Angie to “suddenly” file for divorce.

C. From all reports, it seems Brad Pitt “never” saw it coming.

D.  And finally, Angie is rumored to be blocking all calls and texts from Brad.

Again, I have absolutely no idea if Brad Pitt is an alcoholic but it’s interesting that the circumstances surrounding the separation are pretty much exactly what leaving an alcoholic husband would look like.

It seems “all of a sudden” when in fact any woman married to an alcoholic deals with the situation for many, many years before finally leaving.

It is most likely how the marriage is affecting her children that will be the catalyst for a woman finally leaving her alcoholic husband.

It will seem “all of a sudden” to the alcoholic because after all, he has been on the outside of his drinking and accompanying behavior all those years.

And finally, it is hard, hard, hard emotionally for most women to leave their alcoholic husbands.  Often there is still love there, along with profound grief and saddness.  Women most often leave their alcoholic husbands out of need not desire and so blocking contact from the alcoholic is necessary not because the wife is a cold, heartless bitch but because she knows that her emotions are too fragile, too vulnerable to allow contact with him.

Again, I have no idea if Brad Pitt is an alcoholic but if he is, I dare say this is exactly what leaving him would look like.